We advise companies, partnerships, individuals and other entities on all aspects of UK taxation. This includes:

  • Personal tax, including self assessment (Please see our estimate of fees page)
  • Corporation tax, including self assessment (Please see our estimate of fees page)
  • VAT - We advise on all aspects of VAT including property elections.
  • Inheritance tax
  • National Insurance
  • Capital Gains Tax

Where possible we complete all work in house and where necessary will consult specialists from larger firms of accountants.

International Taxation

We currently have clients in Denmark, Spain, Monaco, Sweden, Iran and Germany. We deal with all the UK affairs (Taxation, Accounting, Audit and general financial advice) for these individuals and businesses.

It is important for us to work with the client’s advisors in their own country to ensure that the best business decisions are made and that all relevant regulations (including time limits) are adhered to.

We currently act for a number of overseas companies as auditors of their UK subsidiaries. We perform our audit in compliance with English legislation and comply with any requests/ guidelines from the parent company and its advisors.

One of our aims is to formalise our European connections by joining one of the European wide groups of accountants.

At SP Tax Ltd we provide professional taxation advice and planning both to individuals and corporations. Svend Vedde, a partner of SP, has particular expertise in the sector of cross border tax planning. He aims to maximise tax efficiency and has connections to other professional tax advisors around the world.

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