VAT Advice & Returns

Most business transactions involve supplies of goods or services.

As a trading business, if the value of your taxable supplies is over a specific limit, you need to register with HM Customs and Customs for VAT. Failure to do so correctly may result in you being charged a penalty.

How can Branston Adams help simplify your VAT accounting?

Missing your VAT registration date is an expensive business, and you are supposed to keep track of your turnover at the end of each month. If you have started a new business, it's one of the key things to focus on, along with everything else you have to do to actually try to make money.

We provide a VAT service that gives both advice and practical assistance to help your company save time and money. We also ensure you comply with all the legal requirements of HM Revenue and Customs.

  • Advising on VAT liabilities and allowances
  • Assisting with VAT registration
  • Preparation of VAT records & accounts
  • Completion of VAT Returns.

With our extensive knowledge of Value Added Tax rules and regulations, rates and allowances, we ensure the most appropriate methods are applied to your specific business.

There are now a number of less complicated VAT arrangements available for the smaller company that we can advise on.

For more information and to discuss your individual requirements, please contact a member of the Branston Adams team today.

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